Ángel Ruiz-Peinado Sánchez

Data Scientist | Architect

Energetic professional with 13 years experience in the architectural industry looking to transfer my skills to the Data Science field. Perceptive analyst, with technical skills and strong business perception to identify opportunities of improvement. Skilled communicator proficient at representing information in meaningful ways and synthesize complex knowledge into easy-to-understand insights.

I have always enjoyed technology and how it can improve the quality and efficiency of the projects I work in. This passion naturally led me to specialise in BIM, then learn programming and finally Data Science. I enjoy using my free time to keep learning every day and apply this knowledge at work so what you see in this website is partially what I do at work and partially what I do in my free time.


  • Environments: GNU/Linux.
  • Remote repositories: GitHub.
  • Languages: Python, R, C#, SQL, Javascript.
  • Big Data Processing: Spark, PySpark, BigQuery.
  • ML libraries: Pandas, Numpy, ScikitLearn.
  • Modelling and Statistics: NLP, Deep Learning, Machine Learning tehcniques.
  • Data Visualization: Tableu, Altair, Bokeh, Streamlit, Matplotlib, Seaborn.


  • Curiosity and self-motivation
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication skills
  • Listening
  • Inspire and motivate people



  • Developed Python scripts to automate drawing production and report generation.
  • Developed 20+ custom applications with C# to increase teams’ productivity.
  • Experienced in programming with Revit API.

Research & Development

  • Identified inefficiencies within work flows and implemented strategies to solve them.
  • Foster an environment of cutting-edge technologies to achieve business goals.
  • Continuous personal and professional growth via constant self learning.

Management & Leadership

  • Managed training and digital strategy of teams 25+ strong.
  • Managed construction packages of architectural projects.
  • Trained and mentored 100+ professionals on Building Information Modelling.

Data Visualization

  • Created dashboards and graphics to communicate insights to teams and client.



Luis Vidal + Architects (Madrid)

  • Led a team of 15+ in a fast-paced architectural firm.
  • Managed Project's Building Information Modelling strategy.
  • Automated tasks using visual programming tools.
  • Developed office wide tasks automation strategy.
  • Programmed 18 apps to boost teams’ productivity.


Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (London)

  • Implemented new automated workflows office wide.
  • Performed data validation of several building information projects.
  • Slashed costs 90% on reports creation by programing custom tools.
  • Led coordination meetings with stakeholders and client.
  • Developed variety of programming tools to enhance productivity.

[2014 - 2015] - Building Information Modelling Architect - AECOM (London)

[2014 - 2016] - Revit Instructor - TYC GIS (remotely)

[2012 - 2013] - Architect - The Kalyvides Partnership (London)

[2008 - 2011] - Architect - URBAL (Guadalajara)

[2007 - 2008] - Architect - Estudio 2 Arquitectura (Guadalajara)


[2019 - 2020] - Master in Data Science, KSCHOOL (ongoing).

[2020] - Web Client Programming, Instituto Tecnológico de Telefónica (ongoing).

[2020] - Javascript Essentials, Udemy.

[2020] - Introduction to Databases and SQL, Udemy.

[2020] - Learn to program the Revit API, Udemy.

[2014 - 2015] - Master in Building Information Modelling, CICE.

[2000 - 2007] - Master Degree in Architecture, ETSAM Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


[2020] - AWS Innovate, AI/ML edition 2019

[2019] - Data Konferences (KSchool)

[2019] - Past, Present & Future of AI

[2018] - Big Data Spain 2017

[2017] - Autodesk University

[2016] - Revit Technology Conference


  • Spanish: Native
  • English: Full Professional Proficiency